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VEDA Blockchain platform

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About 70% interviewees consider  blockchain projects as strategic priorities
and intend to invest more than $ 5 M in 2019*

Current advantages of blockchain over existing systems
(by Deloitte blockchain report 2018)
Greater speed compared to
existing systems
New business models and
revenue sources
Greater security/lower risk
Lower costs
According to Accenture benchmarking report blockchain
technologies in banks give
70% cost
savings on reporting and 30% to 50% on compliance
According to DHL Trend Research, blockchain projects in logistics
decrease costs up to 40%  due to unlocking greater efficiencies
According to Research and Markets Report blockchain
based mobile roaming might save the mobile industry $650 M
annually According to IBM’s study blockchain can save the U.S. healthcare  
$ 20 billion annually  due to prevention of counterfeit drugs
According to Lufthansa blockchain association research,
blockchain technologies in MRO  10% TAT on
average and decrease flight operational costs at least on 10



  • >1.5 thousand transactions per second

  • 7 transactions per second

  • 20 transactions per second

  • 5k transactions per second

  • Limit on the number of transactions depending on the account balance

  • 1500 transactions per second


  • VEDA token cannot be forged

  • All tokens are stored only on users ‘devices

  • Hash-the sum of users’ certificates are stored in the blockchain

  • Double protection of VEDA users-tokens from users, transaction information - in the blockchain

  • Bitcoin can provide a very high level of security but only if used correctly

  • Researchers claim to have discovered another 34,200 vulnerable smart contracts in the Ethereum network

  • Multi-level wallet security system

  • There are only 21 privileged accounts that can block the EOS network

  • «We are not an absolute system with absolute protection. We do not meet safety standards based on the history of judicial law»

Smart Contracts

  • VEDA’s Smart contracts are full-featured

  • Template Library smart contracts

  • Profits for programmers – authors of smart contracts

  • The Efficiency of transactions for VEDA users

  • The simplest smart contracts in SCRIPT language, which do not allow to fully describe all the conditions of paper contracts

  • Smart contracts written in the language of SOLIDITY are highly dependent on the qualifications of the programmer.

  • WebAssembly, EVM virtual machine smart contracts

  • Dependence on the qualification of the programmer

  • At the moment they don’t exist



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Finance description. From where do you plane to get money and so on !