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The network of motels AMG Russia

Every year, about 30-35 million cars drive onto the roads of Russia and drive at least 100 km to another city or village. And this is our business - this is our chance! We will build a motel at a distance of 50 km from these cities, and pour him coffee, feed him with dinner, sell him chips, and if necessary, give him a number that he would rest! If each of 30-35 million people leaves us from 50 to 1000 rubles, then this business will bring us tens of billions, will employ more than 50,000 people, and raise tourism, wealth in cities, and cleanliness on the roads to a new, higher level. .

There is no special unique technology here - it is enough to raise the level of service to the level of McDonald's, as there will be a queue right there in our motels!

The secret is in speed - we have a special, quickly erected house model, using the patented Mono-Cell technology - author Vladimir Shumovsky, it will allow us to build motels quickly, in 2-4 months, to start working in them from the 4th month, and most importantly !! - if the model does not work in one place, it can be disassembled into parts and moved to another place, to another city or region!

It all depends on investors, they will want to occupy such a huge market in Russia, or they will think so - if there are no serious players, it means there is no money.)



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