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Our goal is to capture the wholesale market. First of all, we are talking about the wholesale market for underwear, because We are experts in this. And then we plan a gradual expansion into other segments until we cover the whole wholesale. The main problems of the market that are planned to be solved in the framework of the project are heavy and unmodern order of work with wholesale orders by market participants, and difficulties in finding suppliers of underwear due to their lack of representation on the Internet. Market capacity: about 3000 suppliers and about 20,000 wholesale customers only in the segment of underwear.

LEMIOM.COM is a wholesale marketplace of underwear, which allows you to place orders to wholesale buyers from your suppliers in one convenient format, as well as to find new suppliers, since collects on one site all of them.

Already, the service works with the full functionality for setting up a personal page of the supplier and working with the basket, orders and simplified functionality for adding products to the site, without external integrations.



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