that we base on and believe

We believe that entrepreneurship is the engine of society and should be supported in every way, therefore rejecting of  99% at the entrance in VC - this is waste of rare human material. It is necessary to give a chance to the maximum number of applicants and look at the results.

We believe that experts who evaluating projects should be responsible for judgments, so experts should not evaluate, but assist projects, as coaches, participate in their success or losing as a share of profits.

We believe that entrepreneurs and teams should not spend time on shows, pitches, presentations, but create a value product, thereby proving their ability to create something from scratch.

We believe that investors should not evaluate the pitches and shows of entrepreneurs, as the image, exterior, and pedigree, but the real dynamics of the project.

We believe that trustless technologies such as blockchain and digital currencies create an environment where everyone can capitalize on their business reputation, thereby removing distrust of the project at the start and paying the team, coaches for project tokens, without using credit money.