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We are the leading entity providing waste to energy systems, based on two major unique and special advantages. The first is the “ZERO WASTE” system. Our patented and IS (Industry Secrets) based sorting systems, provide the ability to sort ANY waste (excluding C&D and hazardous) into its core ingredients, and re-mix it into the exact mixture needed for its fuel application. Thus, a single system can provide fuel for both caloric and gasification systems. Our system turns unsorted mixed waste into energy pellets, with the highest capacity available, on a constant basis, regardless of the waste mix entering the sorting system. These pellets are gasified in a special (Patented)  gasifier, producing very high temperature air (1,200C). A special (Patented) Hot air Externally Fired GAS Turbine (EFGT) produces high efficiency (up to 42%) of electricity. 

We have developed an integration of patented technologies working together to achieve both Circular Economy goals and total waste reduction. The energy efficiency and complete clean operations are our uibque advanteges. The technologies are:

1. Semi automatic waste sorting and special SRF production

2. Patented gasification into hot air (1,200C)

3. hot air EFGT with Steam CHP to 42% efficiency (Patented)

4. Bio Char from gasification to Activated Carbon (Patented)

5. Solar Thermal enhancement (Patented)

6. Mobile Heat storage (Patented)



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