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78% of the homes with access to the internet use OTT.

Each home suscribes to between 2 and 3 OTTs (SVOD) in average.

36% of the consumers have as their favourite device the Smart TV, thus reaching 10% growth annually.


The digital income has increased 166% since 2013. Sweden, Mexico, and Korea are among the most important markets which hold the greatest incomes. ($285 million).


Latin America and the Caribbean are the regions with the greatest growth, including an increase of 22.7%, reaching $688 million. This is due to the boost produced by Brazil, which is one of the 10 main countries with the greatest income ($282 million).

Architecture: We have an OTT platform which is compatible with Desktop Web, Mobile Web, 360 boxes, and Smart TV and which has the capacity for content protection via DRM. This is located in an infrastructure of servers which is distributed and decentralized as well as able to cope with errors. Also, it can evolve.


Partnership with mobile phone Carriers which fosters intergration via their billing and which also produces communication on their platforms. Also, we have partnerships with OEMs such as Samsung, Foxxum, and LG for them to distribute our platform on Smart TVs.

Moreover, we have partnerships as regards to the contents with the main majors such as Warner Media Group, Sony Music, and Universal Music.



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